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Ted Fitzgerald Founder - Chief Executive

Ted has been in the direct sales industry for over 17 years and brings a vast amount of business experience to HHG. Prior to his direct sales career, Ted built many businesses from the ground up including athletic clubs, restaurants and other retail establishments. His knowledge in finance, marketing, and operations will help take HHG to the upper echelons of the direct sales industry.

Over his 17 year career in direct sales, Ted has hit the top positions in every company he has been involved in. He has built organizations of over 55,000 distributors with over $10 million in yearly group revenue. As a member of the elite club of documented direct sales millionaires, his passion for helping people is what drove him to start Healthy Habits Global.

Ted had a mission to start a company that always thought of the distributors and customers first. He was very diligent in selecting his executive staff, making sure they all shared the same vision, passion and integrity. Ted states ˇČOur goal is to change the lives of people around the world on our way to becoming a billion dollar company.".


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Alonzo Moore VP Of Sales & Marketing

Over 20 Entrepreneurial years of experience in MLM's, Mr. Alonzo Moore was able to help others earn a yearly six-figure income working from home. Mr. Moore's passion has always been helping others achieve their full potential in life. His belief is a good education is the corner stone to any great society; it is our duty to help every human being on this planet experience economic freedom thru Education & good Health.

Success - I don't measure my success through awards received, but through the satisfaction of helping others achieve their life long goals.
Mr. Alonzo Moore is a sound & trustworthy businessman with great integrity.


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John Payne Genetic Scientist & formulator

John Payne, the Chief Product Development Officer at Healthy Habits Global (HHG) is a world renowned geneticist that heads a team of Scientific Researchers and Doctors focusing on genetics and its relation to the human genome. Over the last 23 years John and his team have conducted extensive research in Africa and Australia to identify genetically compatible ingestible sources to support broad spectrum human health, taking into consideration xenohoprmeses, and how it can affect mitochondrial and telomere health, geography, ethnicity and culture.

John and his team have bio-engineered scientific formulas and clinical protocols that meet the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for being genetically compatible. They bridge mankind's ancient, genetically determined DNA with the biological human needs of today. What we eat and drink must match our inherited DNA to be effective in supporting our overall health, wellness and longevity.

Healthy Habits Global provides the innovative matched resources for optimal health and healthy weight management.


 International Management

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Alex Kozj International Logistics

With over a decade of international business experience as a managing partner of a Global Freight Forwarder, Alex has a deep understanding of world trade and has built multi-million dollar companies from the ground up.

His diverse work experience has placed him in leadership positions in Singapore, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

He is an expert in global freight forwarding, international strategic partnerships, and China product development and sourcing.


Healthy Habits was founded on four core principles:

At Healthy Habits every corporate and executive decision is accountable to these four principles.

  1. Create a company that thinks of our distributors and customers first.

  2. Create strong but humble leadership.

  3. Create an environment where people can win at every level.

  4. Create the highest quality nutritional products in each category we enter.

Our mission is to create an opportunity where people from all walks of life can participate and create an immediate income as well as a long term monthly residual income. We will always offer unique health and wellness products that meet or exceed industry standards for quality assurance. We will always base corporate and executive decisions that err on the side of our distributors and customers.

To develop life-long relationships with our customers and distributors based on the exceptional value of our products and personal attention they receive. We are committed to the financial stability and future of our consultants by consciously offering products of exceptional value. We are also committed to offering a compensation plan that will enhance an individual's ability to earn a reasonable part time income as well as the ability to achieve financial independence with a full time effort.

Our management team has over 60 years of combined experience in the direct marketing industry and all have successfully earned millions of dollars as distributors. Although they all had achieved great personal success with good companies and good products, they still felt something was missing. They were constantly confronted with the question; "Why do some people have success and others do not?" It was their desire and commitment to answer this question that put them on a mission to build Healthy Habits, a company that would truly help people succeed at every level.

We have aligned ourselves with consultants, advisors, and financial experts that have worked with some of the top companies in the industry. Our vendors are considered to be in the upper echelon in the fields of product manufacturing, internet technology, and international business management. Healthy Habits management team is comprised of individuals and companies that will put us on track to reach our goal of becoming a billion dollar company in our first 6 years.

Home HHG Products T.A.G.G. Testimonies Executive Team Opportunity Order Here
Adrian Mathews - 503-353-8968 - My ID#: 50421 /Username is: healthman --- Company Site or Join

Adrian Mathews - (503) 353-8968 -
My ID#: 50421 and Username is: healthman

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